the planning and design characteristics of Iraqs mud building and settlement

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أ.م.د.نجيل كمال عبد الرزاق


The Mesopotamian soil is muddy and fertile, and so from ancient eras Iraqis used mud in their building, settlements and architecture in different methodologies according to the nature and the function of the building that was either in its pure form or by mixing it with other materials such as straw . also as raw bricks in different ways either for the whale building or parts of it, or for the finishing parts such as roofing for instance. In this research these different forms and methodologies will permeate through out a chosen examples of historical building, rural buildings and settlements and ancient buildings as well as some current uses of mud in the structures and building in standing cities, this in order to conclude some of its design and planning characteristics which led to an evaluation of heritage experience and search a developmental mechanisms and to meet global future development. Then the research will come to some conclusions and recommendations to use these characteristics in modern architecture where ever that could be

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