virtual water in consumer goods

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د.ندى خليفة محمدعلي


That water is the lifeblood and without it no life on our planet, he says in the Holy Koran: In the Name of God {{And We made from water every living thing}} truth of God Almighty (the prophets verse 30) The basis of the existence of settlements served human and a source of fresh water close to it easy access to it is used for domestic, agricultural, on a daily basis, even closer look at the map of Iraq to human settlement to find it is a signatory to both sides of the river are thick and less as we moved away from the source of water until they make up a scene like a necklace the river and the stones of cities and settlements served, was the ancient civilizations, countries and capitals Throughout history, choose sites near sources of water, whether eyes or oases or rivers or wells, from here came the importance of this research sheds light on the freshwater default inherent in the products and food and consumer goods that we use every day without being aware of the amount of water in the pattern we use daily this. Attic start must know what is the virtual water and how much value each product or commodity and how it can reduce the west of water through the knowledge of this term, and how can we calculate the state budget of fresh water whether we are an exporter of our water to the outside or the State of import water from abroad, and finally We went out a set of conclusions and some recommendations that would contribute to reduce the depletion of fresh water.

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