1 The writing is in font type (Time New Roman) and is standardized for the entire research. My agencies:

  • Title of the search in size 16 in bold.
  • Paragraph headings are 14 in bold.
  • The meat is a regular size 11.

2- Figures and tables are included in the search:

  • The title of the figure and the map below the figure, in size 12 bold and centered.
  • The titles of the tables appear above the table centered and in bold 12-size letters

A line space is left before and after the figure, the map, and the table.

• Install the entire source below the figure, table and maps

3- The sources and references are referred to in the body of the research in the following form (name, year,the page).

4- Complete references are included in a list at the end of the research and in alphabetical order