A scientific journal specialized in urban and regional planning sciences, urban planning and structural plans for governorates and everything related to the spatial dimension of infrastructure, in addition to spatial analysis techniques from GIS and GPS and its relationship to mapping in a spatial analysis of economic, administrative, environmental and urban activities. The first issue was published in 1995 and is a quarterly

The topics the magazine cares about

  •  Urban Planning    
  •  Regional Planning   
  •  Industrial sites   
  •  Planning-oriented Operations Research     
  •  Housing Planning    
  •  Planning studies and environmental design   
  •  Environmental Pollution
  •  Planning laws
  •  Urban Economy
  •  Urban meeting   
  •  Geography of cities
  •  Urbanization
  •  The Arab City  
  •  Urban Design  
  •  Tourism Planning
  •  Rural development
 And all concerned with the spatial dimension of economic and social development processes