The Efficiency of the Distribution for Educational Services in Al-Athamiyah area

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أ.م.د.نجيل كمال عبد الرزاق
م.م.نغم فيصل يوسف


The educational service one of activities which have great effect in the city life and it's community which considered as an affective instrument for the social and civilized construction and its role in the development of culture and determining the general features of the society. Therefore planning for educational service is considered as a necessary for economical, social and cultural conditions in the Arab community lives in general and the Iraqi community in special. The educational service buildings and distribution forms an insurmountable obstacle in the urban areas. So the balance distribution in Baghdad presents an indication to ensure the equality of educational opportunities besides the correlation of these institutes with the domestic environment to make a positive social interaction. From this point we can consider the educational services in Al-Athamiyah area face such problem which this research will studied the need of the education and coordinating between potentially and expected distributing for the educational planning.

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