Rapid Urbanization of the Cities Studying in some Iraqi Cities

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د.تغريد حامد علي


The cities are not yet a temporal status in the process of the human and civilization development. The cities consider as a life pattern, this mean that people cannot live without cities, which surround us. Several phenomena like globalization, revolution of information, technical development, increased of consumption, do not confirmed without the living in cities. The urbanization – in its simple meaning – means transferring from rural community to city community. In other word, it means that socioeconomic changes happened subject to the patterns and conditions of the urban life. Each government depend a certain policy, this policy contains set of plans and programs, that targeting to affect the population factors and the structural components. The problem of this research is that the impact of the Iraqi population policies to limit the immigration from rural to urban areas were not strongly affective , This led to extinct of some population center and extending of other centers . This situation yield to raise thus problems of accommodation, decreasing of drinking water, food, environmental pollution, high demand on labor decreasing of services. In addition , the extending of such centers , will be on the account of agricultural lands . This facts pushing to draw policies relating to the distribution of people – place and connecting these policies with the development plans in order to bridge between the country and the city , dissemination the patterns of healthy urbanization that relevant to the community in order to create better socioeconomic conditions    

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