Evaluation of some indicators of urbanization in the city of al-Qaim in the Iraqi province of Anbar

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Hayfaa Abdulwahhab Saleh
Abdulnaser Sabri Shaher


Urban Balance is one of the important indicators that leads to an assessment of the urbanization process in a particular country  , province or even a city that is multi-centered. By examining  the data related to Anba  province, it was found that the value of this indicator is equal to 0.96, which is less than the absolute one, and therefore the urbanization in the province is distributed collectively  

The development of a mathematical or statistical model for estimating urban growth is a complex process due to the overlap between indicators or variables that can be adopted to calculate estimate growth rates Al-Qaim city has been considered as an example to develop a statistical method by which changes that may occur in the urban system when developing a particular industry are estimated according to a set of hypotheses. Using a hypothetical model, the amount of changes likely to occur in the urban system of the city was estimated, where the model showed changes in residential and some service land when assuming a number of jobs entering the labor market.                                                                        

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Hayfaa Abdulwahhab Saleh

Hayfaa Abdulwahhab Saleh                     

M.A. Geography, Educational Directorate   /    Anbar Univ.                                

Abdulnaser Sabri Shaher

Prof. Dr Abdulnaser Sabri Shaher

Prof. Dr. Geography Dept., Coll. Edu. /    Anbar Univ.