Cultural development throughout the ages

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أ.د.حيدر عبدالرزاق كمونة


Urbanization can not be seen as a modern phenomenon. It has led people to live and live in cities for thousands of years. It should be noted here that the oldest villages and large cities have emerged after the crystallization of civilization, that the emergence of cities was one of the phenomena of civilization. There is no doubt that the cities after the emergence has contributed to the development of civilization effective contribution. There has been a civilizational progress when the man practiced agriculture and used metal tools and invented the wheels and went to write in the New Stone Age. In this period, many changes in the field have taken place in economic, cultural and social life. In the economic and cultural aspect, this transformation is the adoption of the growing society on agriculture rather than hunting and society. Historical evidence indicates that this transformation took place in the Fertile Crescent, especially in the hills and plateaus surrounding this region. The first forms of population groups developed recently, The Fertile Crescent is a region extending from the south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean to the top of the Arabian Gulf and includes parts of Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, the Tigris and Euphrates. Most urban planning techniques rely on old approaches and trends from historical sources, followed by an understanding of the rich history of urban planning, which is very important and necessary for most students. Even those who insist that we must change old trends say that the use of historical analysis as a predictive base is a reasonable and reliable approximation In addition, history is more intriguing and charming. It reflects the evolution of mankind from cave dwellers and Bedouins into a civilized society

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