Utilizing the resources of the local environment in the establishment of the constituent units of the urban fabric within the framework of preservation of the urban heritage (Hassan Fathi's model experiment)

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م.م.اورانس عبدالواحد 0000
أ.د.حيدر عبدالرزاق كمونة


No country in the world has an ancient heritage of its own. It represents the product of the civilizations left behind by previous eras. It represents the development of urban life and its capital of the interest of its people in the field of construction and reconstruction. The urban heritage and its associated arts may seem to be a material heritage at first glance, but it is not free from the spiritual side. Therefore, the nations in different parts of the earth cherish it and care for it with all due diligence, because it mixes with its history, memories and emotions.
This research discusses the use of local environment materials in the production of urban fabric constituents. It also reviews a number of concepts that define traditional urban heritage, as well as the experience of Egyptian architect Hassan Fathi in using the local environment materials in his famous experience in Qurna. The most famous international experiences in this field.

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