The Effect of Related Variables on the Rent Value of Residential Units Case study neighbourhood 409 in the city of Baghdad

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Zahraa Qassem Qassem
Jamal Baqer Motlak


The rent is one of the sources of investment that generates returns for the owner of the housing unit, and it is also one of the importance expenditure for the tenant.

The importance of this research comes in addressing the deficiency in the field of analyzing the factors affecting the rental value of residential units, which affects many segments of the population of Baghdad.

The aim of this research is analyze and evaluate related variables on the rent value of residential units in neighbourhood 409 in city of BAGHDAD, which is a hypothesis that: There are a set of variables affecting the rental value, including those related to the internal environment of the dwelling, such as: income level, plot area, building area, no. of room, house garden, the age of the unit, and variables related to the external environment, such as: the distance from the school, the distance from the main street (the distance from the main shopping center), the distance from the hospital, the distance from the public park, the distance from the river, and the distance from the mosque.

The multiple regression model was used to identify the relative importance of the influencing factors, and the results showed four variables with a significant effect: income level, distance from the main street, building area, and garden, with an explanatory power of 87.6%, while it appeared that the illustrative strength of the model in case Dealing with all the variables approximately 89.9%, which indicates the presence of weak effects of the other variables, and it did not constitute only 2.3% of the total strength of a model.

The research reached a set of conclusions and recommendations related to the aim of the research.

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Zahraa Qassem Qassem