Aesthetic Elements of Urban Townscape of al Nasiriyah City

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د.عامر شاكر خضير


the visual and aesthetic characteristics of the city depending on understanding several levels of visual and aesthetic characteristics to the city, starting with the study of the physical characteristics and morphology of the city in general, and urban style to it, and then study of visual composition of the city from the optical components that affect the composition of the image (visual composition) of the city represent by pathways, borders, regions and the specific features as classified by (Kevin Lynch), and then studying the details and the attention of all elements that would confer the beautiful appearance as necessary for the needs of society and the environment in general, for example, interest in the distribution and characteristics and the quality and the location of the elements of street furniture (seats seating, lighting, telephone booths, trees ........... etc.). Through the study of these three levels to the visual and aesthetic characteristics to the city, can understand the characteristics and features that affect the visual and aesthetic composition of the city can be during start of studying its Morphology in general (in terms of two-dimension) in terms of spaces and blocks distribution to the city blocks, while the second level, the purpose is to: study the elements that affect the visual composition the city, in the third level are three-dimensional study, because it deals with elements of small scales and a direct relationship with the human          

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