Spatial Disparities of Primary Education Services in Sulaimaniyah Province

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م.شازاد جمال جلال


Levels of primary education are varying in Sulaimaniyah Province, which defines as a lower stage of education process and seems to be found in most settlements to save the individual and community from illiteracy in its traditional notion which means the individuals, potentiality for reading and writing if he/she graduated from this stage successfully. The research can put the priority for goodness of primary education service within Sulaimaniyah Province that includes Sulaimaniyah city as a dominance based on statistical indicator which called the standardized score (z). The indicator (z) calculated for the basic items of primary education to diagnosis the range of developing that service in Sulaimaniyah city especially and put right the glancing of retardation spatially and sectary quantitatively in service areas included Halabjah Al- Shaheed, Ranyah, Garmian and Chamchamal for solving and allocating required budget for the development plan of the        Province at the long and medium run levels.

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