activating the role of the private sector in housting finance

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أ.م.د.جمال باقر مطلك


Housing finance is considered to be an important and basic element in housing market, so it’s very important to aid individuals and particular institutions to built or buy new housing units.Inadequate finance system for housing is capable of supporting families to fulfill their needs and helping them to buy and built houses represented a big gap between the need to housing units and available stock. The most important finance institutions in Iraq nowa days are the Real Estate Bank and Housing Fund.Althoughthe role played byeach ofthese institutions, but thattheir roleis stilllimited in thehousing financeat the level ofindividuals orinstitutions. the adoption of the real estate Bank and housing fund to the amount allocated by the Ministry of Finance has led to the decline and the weakness of the role of these institutions, so no link of these two institutions with the financial and monetary system to curtail the role of the private sector in providing loans to citizens and the lack of competition. This research proposed some institutional reforms, monetary and financial proceduresto develop real estate banks.This research has adopted a set of conclusions and recommendations related to housing finance

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