Social sustainability in vertical housing complexes/study area: Al Salam Haiy

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Jamal B. Motlak


Living in sustainable residential place is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of life in neighborhood complex within the vertical housing complexes. This research focuses on indicators of social sustainability because of their effective impact in achieving a good quality of life . The most prominent of these indicators include: (social interaction, neighborhood grouped and trust, social cohesion, security and safety, privacy, connectivity opportunities for meeting and , and community participation, and cultural diversity). This was done through a questionnaire (for the residents of the Al-Salam residential complex in the city of Baghdad), and the form includes a set of questions related to indicators of social sustainability in a previous period (the time of residence in the complex), and at present, to identify whether there are significant differences between the beginning of Accommodation in the complex and in the present time..

The research adopted the descriptive analysis method, quantitative comparative analysis, and the degree of residents' satisfaction based on the five-tiered Likert scale (strongly disagree - strongly agree), and the Wilcoxon rank test was used. The research finds significant differences in all the indicators of social sustainability between the beginning of housing in a previous period and the present time.

  The results of the research showed that the sub-indicators of the sustainability of the social sustainability and the quality of life in the complex have made a significant difference in favor of the previous period, such as: social interaction, the dominance of the rule of law, the availability of security and safety, connectivity, cultural diversity that enhances social cohesion, and community participation.

The research developed proposals towards improving and developing indicators that led to a significant difference over time, in order to achieve social sustainability and the quality of a good sustainable urban social life.

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Jamal B. Motlak

Prof. Dr. Jamal B. Motlak

Baghdad Univercity\Center of Urban and Regional Planning for postgraduated studies