Statistical Evaluation of the Planning Process and Scheduling Management for Irrigation and Drainage Projects in the Republic of Iraq

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Abbas A .H
Faiq M.S. AL-Zwainy


The Research aims to investigate into reality in terms of planning and scheduling management process for sake the implementation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage projects in the Republic of Iraq, with an indication of the most important obstacles that impede the planning and scheduling management process for these projects and ways of addressing them and minimizing their effects.                                                  For the purpose of achieving the goal of the research, a scientific methodology was followed, represented in the collection of information literacy related to the subject of planning and scheduling management.Scheduling in multiple aspects, the most important of which are factors related to planning, design, implementation, contracting documents, management of the implementing agency, the nature of the project, planning, control and follow-up work.                                                                                        The study concluded that there are sixty-three factors influencing the planning and scheduling management process, including (not calculating the quantities of work paragraphs in an accurate and detailed manner) came in the first place with relative importance (74%), then followed by the second factor (the lack of qualified cadres to prepare time programs) And with a relative importance of (73%), and sixteen factors were excluded because they got a relative importance of less than (50%), and with regard to the factors affecting in estimating the implementation and maintenance periods in the General Authority for the Maintenance of Irrigation and Sewerage Projects, the study reached forty-five reasons, the most important of which are (Availability of financial liquidity) with relative importance (83%) in the first place, then followed by (the efficiency of the machines, machines and equipment used) with relative importance (79%), and in light of the conclusions reached, a set of recommendations were developed to developed the planning process and scheduling management for the implementation and maintenance of projects irrigation and drainage.


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Abbas A .H

Abbas .A .H                  

Faiq M.S. AL-Zwainy

ph.D. Faiq M.S. AL-Zwainy

Engineering College-Al-Nahrain University