Basmaya Residential Complex compatibility with the Iraqi Green Architecture Code

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Younis Mahmood M. Saleem
Hadeer Qais Jawad


The increase in the Iraqi population put pressure on urban cities as there were no new cities built since the 1980s due to the wars and the economic blockade imposed in 1991 and the deteriorating security situation after 2003, where the population in 2018 reached about forty million people. Iraq also suffered during the past decades from problems and challenges in many respects that affected the local environment, and the constructed buildings had a role in increasing these impacts, so the Ministry of Housing worked to issue the Iraqi Green Architecture Code in 2019 to reduce damage to the environment and use resources more efficiently. And because the constructed buildings were not constructed according to green standards, including Basmaya residential complex, so the problem of the research came as (finding out the compatibility of Basmaya residential complex with the Iraqi Green Architecture Code), and the aim of the research is (to try to get Basmaya residential complex to one of the levels of the code and upgrade it). The research showed that Basmaya residential complex obtained the level of one star from the levels of the Iraqi Green Architecture Code, and the researcher suggested several treatments for the buildings to upgrade them to the level of three stars.

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Younis Mahmood M. Saleem