The Social Aspect of Vertical Landscape in Residential Buildings

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أسماء خالد عبدالله
رواء فوزي نعوم


The great raise and development of residential buildings in modern cities worldwide as a result of urban extends leads to environmental and social problems, that make the designers looking for more complicated and innovative solutions. To encounter these, most advanced technologies in construction had been used resulting buildings had become higher, which was moved away from the land called residential housing. And with the development of these buildings, increase in the inhabitants inside; generate distant from nature, which increased the need for interactive outdoor recreational spaces open green in its high sections, was an alternative or complementary option to outer space at the ground level. Therefore, the research problem has emerged, which states, (the need to achieve social aspect in the vertical Landscape within the high-rise residential buildings). For solving the research problem, several previous literatures had reviewed, where the types of Vertical Landscape had been identified and the uses, characteristics, and dimensions of these spaces were required. Also, required the need to find which of these types achieves the social aspect of these spaces and the designer can adopt during the process of designing vertical housing buildings. Thus, the research hypothesis which stipulated: (the types of vertical landscape vary in their realization of the social aspect according to the uses, characteristics, and dimensions of those spaces), to test the validity of the hypothesis, the theoretical framework vocabulary was applied on two global projects that applied the concept of vertical social outer space its various types.

The results showed the rise of the vertical social outer space type (podium). In achieving the highest rate for a vocabulary (uses, properties, and dimensions of space). Followed by an outer space (sky court), then followed by a type (sky roof) with less importance, while the remaining types, Represented by (Sky bridge, sky terases, sky entrance) are representative and aesthetic aspects.


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أسماء خالد عبدالله

Asmaa Khalid Abdullah

Ministry of Counstraction Housing

رواء فوزي نعوم

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rawaa  Fawzi Naom

University of Technology /

Dept. Of Architectural engineering