The Quantitative Analysis To Assess The Efficiency Of The Transport Network In Sader City

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منتهى ماجد دلي
جمال حامد الدليمي


     This research examines the quantitative analysis to assess the efficiency of the transport network in Sadr City, where the study area suffers from a large traffic movement  for the variability of traffic flow and intensity at peak hours as a result of inside traffic and outside of it, especially in the neighborhoods of population with  economic concentration.                                                                         

      The research focused on restricting traffic  movement  and various day trips by designing a questionnaire to collect data (random sample) after statistically analyzing it for the purpose of obtaining the descriptive and quantitative results of the relationship between the traffic density and expressed by the number of vehicles passing through the city of Sadr  street  and the independent variables.            

      The main findings of the research are that there is a correlation, functional attraction and service in the study area because of its transport  knots   and  its connection    with  means  of transport in a solid form of the regular network format.

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منتهى ماجد دلي

University of Baghdad\ College of Education\ Ibn Rushd  / Dep. of Geography

جمال حامد الدليمي

Jamaal Hameed Al-Dulaimy

University of Baghdad\ College of Education\ Ibn Rushd