Elements of Public Transportation Systems Operating in City Center

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أ.م.د.مهيب كامل فليح
أ.د.بهجت رشاد شاهين
محمد كريم محيسن


The traffic congestion caused by the increase in the number of vehicles in the cities as a result of the increase in the population and the density of construction requires the provision of appropriate infrastructure and the provision of transport systems and logistics services that meet the needs of the population to meet the many challenges now and in the future by introducing various modes of transport , In accordance with integrated plans such as the use of (pedestrian friendly environments, bicycles and their own paths, light rail, metro, express bus, as well as public transport buses and others), through the development of Projects High-level roads, such as the annual and major roads, etc., and integrated with the urban planning of the city, and the adoption of modern technology such as intelligent applications in transport, which will facilitate access and participation in the development of the city, and access to the integration of transport, Transportation over time, whether public transportation systems or private transport, and must be met through the standards of planning and design sustainable in the centers of cities. The hypothesis of research on the full knowledge of the planning and design principles of contemporary public transport systems and private and provide appropriate coverage of these systems to contribute to overcome the obstacles of the age in this area. The importance of the research in the attempt to diagnose the obstacles of current transport systems and their current developments, and try to evaluate and maximize its future potential by applying the standards and global studies adopted in this area.

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