Evaluation the individual's share of urban land use for the holy city of Karbala

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أ. م. د. أريج خيري عثمان
سامر نوري ناصر


The research aims to analyze and evaluate the urban land use according to the needs of the current and future population by adopting the planning criteria for the holy city of Karbala. In the theoretical side, we discussed the most important concepts of urban land use planning. In the practical aspect of the study, field surveys were conducted to obtain the required information. Using the GIS program, the land uses were planned and executed, Analysis By comparing the per capita use of urban land with criteria and the production of maps.

The main findings of the study are that there is a large deficit in meeting some of the needs of the urban land uses and the basic services of the city. The research recommended that the needs of the basic population should be met and the distribution of community services according to the population and the basis of the gradual distribution of services, Services from the Neighborhood Center, the center of the district, the center of the sector and then the city center, as well as the adoption of this hierarchy in the planning of road networks and open spaces

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