Study of Change in Regional Land Use Using Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information Systems / Study Area (Hawr Al Huweiza) for the Years 1973-1990-2004

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صلاح يوسف العسكري
علي حسين وهيب



his project try to explain the using ability of spatial techniques for land cover change detection on regional level with the time parameter and did select for explain these abilities study case (Hewaizah marsh ) . this area apply to many big changes with the time. These changes made action on characters and behaviors of this area as well as all activities in it . This Project concerting to recognize the Using importance of remote sensing and GIS Methodology in data collecting for the changes of land use and the methodology for the analyses and getting the results for the next using as a base data for development and drawing the plans as well as in regional planning .This project focus on practical side for using the spatial techniques aseptically in data collecting stage by using three satellite images captured for the study area in three deferent years 1973,1990,2004 thus did able through done the visual and auto interpretation for these satellite images to distinguish the many changes in land cover also through made comparisons basically depended on the getting results from the interpretation and classification according to prepared comparison model to suit the nature of classes of land cover in the study area and then arrange all changes we talking above in flexible GIS data base for land cover changes can be used for the studying the change trend and reasons also conclude the logic    justifications for these changes   

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