spatial analysis of health services in wasit governorate

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د.علي كريم العمار
وسام بدر كاظم


The spatial variation of regional development means that some regions to be a center of activities and services and job opportunities and economic development, and are usually in major urban centers, while lacking in other regions to such activities and services. Perhaps the studies of spatial variation SPATIAL INEQUALITY, regional development, REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT has had the greatest impact on the operations of regional planning in particular the study of the regional dimension of any city requires that you review the basis and theoretical framework, which refers to the inevitability of the existence of disparities across regions, due to the properties of the regions population and economic political and environmental The study of regional realities any service will give a clear picture of the importance of the urban dimension and how walking with regional and national trends and standards of service delivery. And any direction moving investments, and to what extent it is concentrated in regions with potential high development (employment, capital, services, raw materials) has been negative, compared with regions of need, and the situation continues as it is inevitably leading to the continued emergence of regional disparities, and the ability those regions with a development-centered control of the adjoining provinces comes of this research to reinforce what the role required the planning of health services that it is linked to development and planning development objective of this study reveal how different sizes of the components of health services in Wasit province, and the possibility of their hierarchy sectoral and spatial. Providing an analytical view of the reality of health services in the province of Wasit, multi-faceted, relying on a number of analytical methods aimed at developing methods of treatment geographical phenomena they are studying   

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