Change in the centers of historical cities

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سلام عبدالحسين جواد


The historical center cities were exposed to change, which included its social and economical structures, Which led to sweeping changes in land use, causing a change in the result, in urban fabric and the physical structure and therefore to see visual. We have attracted these centers as a result of pressure from urban development and contemporary reflection of the agents of change which have been hit during the late period a development residential newly not sympathize mostly with the content of the historical and at the expense of removing large parts of the urban fabric and replace it with patterns of structural and styles of architecture has not been connected with reality. Which led to the loss of some historical and architectural features that have characterized these centers. Thus, the associated problem of search by selecting the "ground that led to changes in those centers, which came to meet the requirements of present and future have changed land-use and affect in determining the configurations of urban multiple centers ". The research aims to "statement of the potential of the configuration of urban historic centers of cities and to identify the factors that led to change the architectural character and historical identity and signaling transformation and change, which gets started in the traditional core functions and uses of the land and diagnosis resulting from the change of the composition of visual effects hit and installation of urban. " The research approach adopted was associated with levels of finds, including a link development in city centers to take practical steps were the possibility of re-lines and spaces of the traditional                                               city center with the positioning of the economic attractions

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