the role of the economy in protecting the environment from pollution and decision_making

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نداء حسين عبدعون


The economic dimensions of environmental issues are complex and unclear in many cases, there is a kind of confusion in the real relationship between economic growth and environmental regulations. Many of the negative environmental impacts are accompanied by human activities and urban and industrial development in the city, and that many of the projects that did not take into account the environmental factors during the planning and implementation of them can be detrimental, as well as natural environments, archeological sites, historical or scientific value, aesthetic or educational. It also describes the Global Environment Outlook that if current trends continue, population growth, economic growth and consumption patterns, the pressure steadily on the natural environment is increased. Environmental gains may be lost and improvements phenomenon as a result of the increased speed of pollution renewable resource base of land. However, it can slow down the trend of environmental degradation and the transfer of economic activity to more sustainable patterns through public policies to modify the options and development trends, levels and consumption patterns.

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