The strategies of sustainable urban management in the Islamic city according to binary ( the city and power)

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م.د.شيماء حميد حسين
م.ندى عزام محمود


Urban planning task and the control of constructional planning and urban management for cities considers the main tasks that the government takes care off. The paper discusses the concept of power from historical view of ancient Islamic cities to discover the strategies of urban management that the Islamic city adopt and to employ it in contemporary cities ,the more problems that modern cities suffer from which appears through poorness of urban context ,belongs to the loss of balance exists between the different faces of power that takes the tasks of urban management .therefore enhancement of urban environment is being through re-back that balance in administrative structures that make the cities go ahead . So the attention has been focused on the concept of power and urban administrative in Islamic cities, in spite of the rare of references ,which still suffers the first oriantalist view to the Islamic cities as it loses to geometric system and to the urban administrative. The paper highlights the concept of urban administrative through discussing the dual relation exists between concept of power and the city. So the paper stands on the proposal that says :(the form of urbanism in Islamic city is a result of balanced interactive between the three poweres (public-special-collective)in urban administrative, and that the contemporary city falls under the effect of Decentralization of power in urban administrative. The paper proposes also : - The HISBA System (as a tool for urban control)/ considers of the most strategies of sustainable urban management in ancient Islamic cities. - The popular participation / is from the strategies of sustainable urban management in modern cities. The paper aims to explore the urban administrative in Islamic cities through discussing the duality of power and city. and highlights the problems that the urban management suffer in contemporary cities , trying to monitor the most important reasons for its shortcomings which leads to reduce the effectiveness and decline its performance in processes of local –development and urban affairs .the paper also aims to enforce the HISBA system as one of the strategies of sustainable urban administrative in modern local administrative system .the paper also aims to ensure the popular participation in development process through supporting them by the local administrative through providing help and assistance to the processes of development of the urban regions to achieve the interactive between members of community and their local environment to achieve the local development goals for the state.

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