data about the health sector in Iraq in 2006

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م.م.سحر طارق محمود


The study relied on data about the health sector in Iraq in 2006 in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology in 2007 Included the estimates of the population distribution of the Baghdad province and the country depending on the population distribution for 1997,evaluate the health sector which included health institutions, and health staff, and other health services. The research Aimis; Measurement an amount and size of the growth of health services (increase and decrease) and the compare of verified in Iraq and Baghdad, and evaluate the effectiveness of the distribution of supplies and health services (physical and human) of the size of the population distribution and health indicators with the verified and the compare, and evaluate under the International indicators of the World Health Organization (WHO) , using the analysis of variance by statigraph program. Through significant differences statistic test between the expected and actual results we find the differences for all the indicators of adequacy of health and at the level of significance 0.05 substantial and large and signifigent. And comparing the sufficient of healthy indicators with international indicators for the World Health Organization (WHO) we see clearly an imbalance for all levels of healthy sufficient indicators.

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