The effect of rural building types informing the type of traditional courtyard houses in Sulaimaneyah city.

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امجد محمد علي القرةداغي


The types of traditional houses vary from region to region according to physical and non-physical circumstances, and Sulaymaniyah city is characterized by a type of traditional houses that differ significantly from those in most cities and regions neighboring are always different from the general pattern that is prevalent in the region and the Muslim world.


The aim of this research is to study the cause of this difference or distinction in the traditional houses in Sulaimaniyah city, by comparing the most common models in these houses and comparing them with the general models of village houses that originally existed in the region to relaize the convergence and contrast between them. The research was based on a comprehensive practical study that lasted more than four years in which all the traditional houses that still exist to this day are mostly documented .this is by studying the types and the relationship among the components of mass and space in these houses in general, and the courtyard of each of these houses with its own mass in particular.


The research assumed that the rural building types that prevailed before and at the emergence of the Sulaymaniyah city clearly affected the formation of the residential building types that formed the residential architecture of Sulaymaniyah city later. It appeared that most of the models of the remaining houses in Sulaimaniyah belong to the type closest to the houses that were common in the neighboring villages of the city and that the traditional houses in the city still clearly contain the planning features of the village houses. this indicates that the types of traditional houses in Sulaimaniyah is clearly and totally influenced by the rural houses that were common in the villages that originally made up of this city and are an extension of it.

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امجد محمد علي القرةداغي

Asst. Prof. Dr. Amjad Muhammed Ali Qaradaghi

Univ. of Sulaimaani – Architecture- Department, College of Engineering.